Old Town Kern Beauty. Perfect For Any Event

The Old Town Chapel is a antique facility with all the charm and photo opportunities you would expect. Built in the early 1900's, it's as beautiful as it was in its early days.  The chapel has maintained all of its original features including hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings.  Everything is preened and ready for your big day.


The Chapel is an antique style sanctuary perfect for weddings, proms, formals, funerals, and other special events. Also available are our reception hall and beautiful outdoor gardens.


Come see this beautiful antique Chapel in Old Town Kern or call us for a free consultation. We would love to be a part of your special day! 



Every place has it's own story.  The chapel has had its own journey.  It bears all the reminders of its past.  That is one of the reasons we love it so much.

The chapel started as a church.  It served for a hundred years in that capacity.  It was built in the early 1900's.  Someone was inspired to build it in the style of a Tuscan castle.  Perhaps it was a Mediterranean revival style.  It was given beautiful sculpted arches and a distinctive style all its own.  Over time as an active church renovations were made and dings earned.  We have maintained the original records and cherish the character they add to the gem.

Times changed and the church that gathered here had to change with them.  Ultimately the church aged and the doors shut leaving a tired old vessel behind.  Then something extraordinary happened!  We came and bought the building in 2014.  Its purpose was to house a foster agency which served special needs children.  We wanted some place unique and wonderful.  Most wouldn't see the vision beyond the years of accumulated dust and disrepair.  But we saw something hidden and beautiful.  We tore down the layers of trendy renovations that were hiding the original beauty.  

We started with the 1970's carpet that hid the beautiful original floors.  We took down the suspended ceilings that hit the original vaulted beams.  We peeled paneling off the walls, planted trees where there was pavement, paint and more paint. Slowly, then quickly the place came alive again.  A dusty, tired building was filled with staff and children and joy.

The purpose was to have a place for families to gather and events to happen.  There were bounce houses and water slides and every kind of wonderful joy bringing thing.  It was beautiful and extraordinary.  we also discovered that everyone wanted to have their event here.  We started having weddings and baby showers and funerals.  We loved that the place was so full of life.  

Then things had to change again.  The foster agency needed a more formal space and moved to an office across town.  What now?  The chapel really didn't accommodate a modern church with its need for  everything modern.  We decided to let the chapel do what was natural for it.  We flung the doors open to weddings and birthday parties and every kind of celebration.  Slow at first and then really fast everyone wanted to gather here.  To take pictures and build memories.  To have a special day at someplace special.

The chapel will never be a hotel ballroom or a modern space.  It is something old and fabulous.  Every corner is filled with a memory of joy from the past.  Waiting to make a new memory, a new smile, a new photo, another moment.

We are very pleased to include you and your special day in the life of the chapel.

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